My Own Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S715i Overview

Published: 23rd March 2011
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Lets end up being very direct and functional with this Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S715i evaluation. I hope you can get clear picture about this product . The front in the speaker features six motorists protected by way of a dark steel speaker-grille. There's a Common Docking Connector regarding iPod/iPhone at the top and around this docking bay is One LED indicator with control buttons pertaining to volume as well as power. Logitech offers cleverly offered a collapsible cover for the particular docking bay plus it conveniently works as a phone speaker stand too.

On the back again, you will find a couple of passive radiators along with the iPod boat dock cover in addition ports pertaining to auxiliary as well as AC wall charger protected with a rubber flap. Logitech mentioned the Widespread Dock Connector works with i phone and all ipod device models.

The actual Logitech S715i doesn't give a lot when it comes to functions. It is a easy portable rechargeable phone speaker which is compatible together with your mp3 player, iPhone as well as any other music source using a three.5mm stereo system jack connect. There isn't any Bluetooth audio loading, nor will it charge your iPod/iPhone but beneath its cover, the S715i packages two 3-inch neodymium individuals for mids, 2 1-inch neodymium tweeters for levels and several 2-inch passive radiators regarding bass. In contrast to most transportable speakers which come with throw-aways batteries, the actual Logitech S715i has a non-removable normal rechargeable NiMH battery having a rated 8-hour working time. In case the 8-hour battery life is not sufficient, the system works whilst it's turning into charged via the AC adapter additionally. Logitech have created a number of impressive docking areas and easily transportable speakers from the past as well as their hottest offering is the Logitech S715i. The S7151i occurs having a streamlined style and it is body includes not just a built-in normal rechargeable battery and also houses several speaker motorists. Let's uncover out just how these several drivers carry out from inside an individual plastic real estate.

Style and Functions

The Logitech S715i is usually a portable loudspeaker created for ipod and iphone and also the i phone. Clad in the dark and trendy curved entire body, Logitech has definitely improved about the style as compared to its previously Pure-Fi series of transportable speakers. The particular speaker will be slightly more time than A single foot; around 6-inches tall and it is around Two and 50 % inches thicker which makes it suit correct in the portable audio system category.
Additionally, there are an infra-red remote control which is just the size a e cigarette lighter and contains controls with regard to playback (bypassing tracks, play/pause, as well as playback mode), volume and also power on/off. The actual package included as well the Air conditioning adapter for getting along with a exploring case.


The Logitech Chargeable Speaker S715i is often a portable iPod/iPhone Docking place that in addition works with every other MP3 players or any other audio resources via its three.5mm aux-in. Your speaker offers 8-hours rechargeable battery power along with a remote device. Its transportable style along with effective seem make it a fantastic speaker that you can to use outdoors, indoors or even whilst venturing.


* Great seem for its dimension
* Ergonomic and fantastic searching fashion
* 8-hours Normal rechargeable Battery
1 . Remote control


* Expensive
* Distortions beyond 90 % of optimum volume
Remote can't skip Lp or Musician on iPod
Next to our logitech wireless keyboard k350 this is my personal favorite Logitech item.

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